Alex M. Salazar

Publisher & Correspondent

Alex M. Salazar

A former LAPD police officer, Alex is a private investigator in Los Angeles, CA. He developed PTSD as a result of a violent incident during his policing career, and is determined to help officers prevent and cope with the disorder.

Alex is one of the publishers of As a former LAPD Rampart officer, he reveals many personal experiences and injustices against officers and the general public. He has been a private investigator for more than 14 years, specializing in infidelity cases. He hosts his own weekly radio show and has been featured on "E-True Hollywood Story" as a leading expert. Having seen firsthand the destructive results of infidelity on families, he has worked diligently to find ways to prevent it and has created the Commitment Contract.

After graduating high school, Alex joined the U.S. Air Force where he became a Security Specialist and was assigned to the 10th Security Police Squadron in England. Among other things, he helped protect nuclear weapons. Eventually, he was assigned to a Central American air base in Honduras and assisted in protecting high-level military and political figures such as President Ronald Regan.

After leaving the Air Force in 1989, Alex became an LAPD officer in the Rampart Patrol Division, and then in the Wilshire Division.

In 1991, while trying to protect a woman from being robbed, Alex was assaulted and seriously injured by gangbangers. His ankle was broken and he required surgery.

Following the Los Angeles riots of 1992, Alex was transferred to the Southeast Division, known as Watts. He was selected for the South Bureau Narcotics Undercover Buy Team and worked undercover for four years buying narcotics from street dealers and breaking up drug rings.

The aftermath of his wounding and years of undercover work took its toll on Alex, and he developed Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result.


He started his own Private Detective agency, All American Investigations, in 1998, and has dedicated himself to helping officers in every jurisdiction battle PTSD and injustice.


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