What Is a Renegade PoPo?

A renegade is someone unconventional, someone who shows you another way to achieve something significant. A Renegade PoPo is a cop who breaks tradition to see things beyond the rigid structure of a para-military operation. Renegade Popos think for themselves.

Why You Are Here. Why You Want To Come Back Often...

This website gives you something you don't get anywhere else--a perspective on the emotional impact of police work on police officers, their families and the general public.

What Makes This Website Different?

We present information not only truthfully, but with a twist. Our journalists give you stories that are irreverent, controversial, sarcastic, unconventional, knowledgeable, well-informed, cutting-edge, crazy-assed and entertaining. We discuss issues nobody likes to talk about.

We make no pretense about being politically correct. We aren't. We find no shame in being impassioned and opinionated. We are.

We break the code of silence and lay bare the secrets behind the shield, secrets that only hurt officers and their families. There is an expression that secrets create monsters. This website tries to slay the monsters before they are born.

Why do you want to read Renegade PoPo and keep returning for more? Because we appeal to your sense of justice, imagination and heart. Because we discuss provocative issues you need to hear about.

Issues like how PTSD can lead to police misconduct, suicide, reckless behavior and promiscuity. Issues like the value of gay police officers, what happens to overweight officers, the impact of shootings, how the police personality undermines what officers do, what makes a good cop's marriage work, what job-related issues may lead to divorce, confidentiality, fitness for duty evaluations, lying to departmental shrinks, over-controlling attitudes, domestic abuse, the impact of your police work on your children, drug use by police officers, alcoholism, women in policing, the impact of scandal on police officers and their families, eating disorders and much more.

Through opinion pieces, news story analysis, special in-depth reports and videos, our journalists give you stories not only about the difficult, degrading and sometimes insane situations cops find themselves in everyday, but about the good things police do and how the public appreciates them.

Renegade PoPo, most importantly, provides an anonymous way for whistleblowers to alert their departments, and the world, about police misconduct and corruption without exposing themselves to ridicule, reprimand or dismissal. Of course, we will thoroughly research every allegation or concern before posting the story.

This website features stories about peer support units around the country, demonstrating their value in helping police officers cope with alcohol or drug addiction, suicidal thinking, gambling addictions, eating disorders, family problems, and all other emotional or psychological issues.

Best of all, Renegade PoPo does follow-up stories, reporting back about what happened, and perhaps what should have happened.

In addition, this website gives the public a chance to say what's on their mind, to speak freely about their relationships with law enforcement officers and what to do to make things better.

Who Writes For Renegade PoPo? Who Runs It?

Click here for details about who writes for us and who we are.

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